Friday, November 16, 2012

Career versus life

Technology has changed our lives forever but has it changed it for the better?

We are now connected 24/7 vi our phones, our laptops, our ipads, at home and at work and when we're at home, somehow we find we are still connected to work courtesy of blackberry's and virtual networks.  It's never ending and surely not healthy.

Am I the only one who feels they don't have time to breathe and feels constantly over-whelmed by the sheer volume of work?  I liken it to being in a bad're unhappy, burnt out, unloved and feel the grass is potentially greener but scared that perhaps this is what a relationship is like and maybe it's just the fact I have unrealistic expectations.

I question if having a career, particularly a career in FMCG means I need to accept I will have to work evenings and weekends, or is it just the company I work at?

If it's the way it is then I question is it worth it?  Do I want to be the type of person who never feels completely relaxed? Doesn't even have as much time as I'd like for friends and family, for sleep and exercise?      

I'd be really interested in other people's thoughts and feelings?  How do you achieve a good work life balance and importantly how do you switch off from the never ending to do list that churns in your head?

I'd love to hear your thoughts before I decide I really have just about had enough and go and work on a farm or something....(if only I could afford to)!


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